Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Gingerbread Mansion

I've never made a gingerbread anything in my life.I asked Jessie if when she was here she would guide us in making and gingerbread house. Then I asked if I should buy some graham crackers and candy. Then she laughed.

See much like her brother, Jessie doesn't prefer take shortcuts and used prepared foods. So we made a REAL gingerbread house using in real gingerbread and frosting. It took 3 days total for everything to dry and set properly

We started with a paper template...

Fellow bloggers help! Since blogger switched to the new format I haven't figured out how to rotate pictures. Even though I hand rotate them and save before uploading....all pictures originally taken vertically stay that way. Ideas on how to fix that?

Anyway, turn your head to see Charley cutting out the template.

Our front and back walls.

The windows were filled with crushed up clear hard candies (like Jolly Rancher). The candies melted and made stained glass windows!

After the wall dried overnight, Jessie made a super stiff frosting to be our concrete.

Then it was time to decorate and that's when things started to get crazy 
(Turn  your head again to see our sweet decor).

Our chocolate shingles kept sliding off.

See the stained glass effect? Cool huh?

I made the mail box out of Andes candies and a red fish

Jeremy made an impressive chimney. 

Our finished product!


phasejumper said...

Looks great!

Jenny Brown said...

Wow! That. Looks. Delicious. And like my dream house.

What sort of camera do you use for your pics? A lot of cameras have an auto rotate option (mine does, and I rarely have to rotate anything—even on Blogger).

You can rotate pictures in Windows Explorer by selecting the ones that need rotating and right-clicking. Then, you select "rotate 90 degrees" or "rotate counter clockwise 90 degrees."

Maybe if you do them that way prior to the upload, things will turn out better.