Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tessa's First Nutcracker

On Sunday after church, we wore our fancy clothes, left Charley behind with his favorite teenage babysitter and headed to the ballet at Butler University.

Tessa had seen it on Netflix a couple of times and has been excited for weeks, especially when this guy showed up outside her bedroom door on Sunday morning.
(btw...I knew the nutcrackers at the show would be mega expensive so I thought ahead and picked one up at Target for $11.99. I'm no dummy!)

If you like her hair decoration, it's from my friend Abbie at Missy Prissy Bow Boutique. She is awesome and we count on her for our hair bow needs (as well as that cute turkey ensemble you may have noticed in Thanksgiving pictures). I sure do love supporting real artists and craftspeople. Anyway...

Tessa did GREAT! We had just enough time to grab a quick sandwich at a little hole in the wall right near the Butler campus. Honestly, just driving by I would not have stopped but Jeremy found it had super high reviews on Yelp and they were right. Sooo good! If you're going to Clowes Hall anytime soon, consider lunch at Big City Grill.

Tessa demolished a cheeseburger and we headed over to Clowes Hall. She was overwhelmed at first, by the decorations in the lobby and all the people everywhere. Do you remember that scene in Annie when she goes to the movies for the first time and is rendered speechless? that.

I wondered how well it would hold her attention and she did so so well. I think she was possibly more focused than Jeremy. Only at the very very end did she get a little squirrely.

Jeremy had never seen the Nutcracker before and even though I explained to him that it's like a plot-less Christmas dream on acid, he still had to ask me at intermission...'what the hell is going on?'. I heard an older lady a couple rows ahead telling someone else that they needed to suspend reality while watching it. Yeah that.

Tessa really loved seeing the 'real ballerinas' and our seats were great. We could see everything so well. This will definitely become an annual tradition, and at some point Charley will join us (next year? year after? who knows).

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