Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanks Kelly!

My cousin Kelly is one of those super creative scrapbooking cardmaking type people. She makes the pages to add to our annual family cookbook every year.

When we were down in NV around Thanksgiving time, Kelly told me to bring some old choir pictures because she had made a frame for me. I don't really have that many old choir pictures. I think most of them are in a dusty box at Mom's house.

But I did have the top one from 1998 when Jeremy and I were both in University Choir at Purdue. That's about the time that we started dating and he robbed the cradle. The bottom picture is us singing at our wedding. It was the cheesiest song ever made, and a nice memory.

These days we sing in our worship band at church and most loudly in our kitchen and car, but there are no pictures of that. Thanks again Kelly for your beautiful work!

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phasejumper said...

That was so nice of her! How old is Jeremy? (I'm a "cradle robber", myself...)