Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's Official

We had an eventful day today! We went to my office to visit coworker and yes, clean out my desk! I was waiting to mention it until I made the official announcement to my coworkers at ACA, but am now happy and free to say that I am a stay at home mom!

Jeremy and I have been planning for this for some time, and feel very blessed that we have the resources to make this decision. I'm exicited about my new adventure- so far so good! Jeremy works out of his home office of course and has so far been very disciplined about closing his door and working all day, but it's been nice to have him around at lunchtime every day.

In our 'free time' Tessa and I plan to join the MOPS club at church (Mothers of Preschoolers but really the child can be any age), and I was considering taking a PACE class that's offered at the community center (Parents and Children Exercise). Apparently it's an exercise program based around strollers and of course you bring the babies with you. Sounds cool right?-- I want to learn more about this. In June I will be joining Weight Watchers and am pretty excited about losing a bunch of weight!

So we have some fun summer plans lined up, including lots of Mamaw time when she is on summer break from school. Wish us luck!

Me and my new 'boss'

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BrookZ said...

Congrats! I bet it feels good! I will be going back to work after the baby is born but hopefully with #2 I will be in a position to where I can stay at home! Check out the YMCA for classes too I hear they have some good ones, and the Indy Parks website has some too. Do you visit the Indymoms site? I have only been on there a few times but they have a and events list. Also the local libraries have a lot of programs for infants and moms to teenagers! Good luck!