Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We've had an eventful week and are behind on our updates and pictures! This week Tessa met her Aunties and her 3 year old cousin Vicki. They came to visit for a long weekend and we all had a great time, mostly sitting around the house and oggling at Tessa.

She also went on her first trip to church on Sunday and I celebrated my first mother's day. After church we all went to the Japanese steakhouse.

Tessa continues to change more and more all the time. Yesterday I caught her sucking her thumb so she must be discovering her hands. She also had a hold of a big tuft of her and hair and was pulling it, silly girl! I think she is going through another growth spurt because she's been eating non-stop, which makes it fun for me to not get anything done during the day ;)

On the homefront we have getting our new heating and air conditioning system (basically we wouldn't have made it through the summer with our old one) so our house is kinda crazy. Luckily it's cool today but yesterday when the living room hit 87 degrees Tessa and I headed for Target, and 2hrs and a cart load later decided it was cool enough to come home. Can't wait to get it done though and have our first summer here with fully operating AC-- yay!

More cousins to meet- Eva Marie stopped by to see us!

Entertaining company makes me tired

First bathtime- well documented by Grampie

Grampie and Mommy

Let the tshirt do the talking

I like this Grammie lady

Auntie Jessica

Hayden likes Vicki too!

Cousin Vicki

Vicki helped Jeremy plant our garden and water the lawn!

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