Thursday, May 10, 2007

Party Girl

Hi everyone- Tessa here! Actually I'm snoring really loudly right now so I gave my Mommy permission to write my blog for me.

I went to my first party yesterday! My cousin Bob and my Uncle Andy had a birthday party. Yes they have the same birthday, cool huh? It was my birthday too- 3wks! My mommy is sad that I am getting so old and now fit into my 0-3 month clothes, but don't worry she's getting lots of good cuddle time while I'm this little.

My Aunties and cousin Vicki are flying tomorrow. I can't wait to meet them. I wonder if they will hug and kiss me alot?

My cousins like to look at me- I must be pretty

No Mommy I do NOT want to wear a party hat!!

The birthday boys- Uncle Andy and cousin Bob

Bob is 2 years old! Mommy hopes I never get this big :)

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