Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Out on the Town

We've been venturing out more and more these days and Tessa has been seeing more of the world and meeting more family members! Grammie and Grampie Bennington were here this past weekend from Boulder, CO and we had a great time.

On Saturday we drove up north so Jeremy and Grampie could spend lots of money in a wine store, and Tessa made her first trip to Ritters custard stand! On Sunday we all went on her first trip to North Vernon to visit her (great) Mamaw's farm and spend the day with family. We had a beautiful day and got lots of sunshine, fresh air, and baby cuddles.

This morning I took Tessa to her 2 wk doctor appointment (which was supposed to be last week but our doc had jury duty). She again gets perfect marks all around and now weighs 9lbs- a 1.5 lb gain from birth! With her weight and height she falls into the 75th percentile for growth.

I am especially happy because Tessa has now drank expressed breast milk from a bottle three times with no hesitancy or nipple confusion- yay! This is good because I don't have to 'whip them out' in public if I don't want to, but also means I can easily leave her with Jeremy or other babysitter with no worries.

4 Generations

Mamaw with her great grandaughter- 18 days old

A beautiful weekend to be outside!

Don't worry- with all the baby love the boys didn't get ignored. Mark and Bob played with Uncle Jeremy
*stay tuned for more great pictures from Grammie and Grampies' visit!*

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