Monday, June 23, 2008


Let me set the scene...

It's a beautiful summer day and we've spent alot of it outside. We went to stroller aerobics this morning and played at the park afterward. Tessa was begging to go outside again this afternoon so I dumped out her bucket of outside toys and let her go wild.

She wandered around inside the fence while I sat on the stoop and watched. She chased the dogs, scooped mulch into her bucket, pushed her toy mower and rocked on her fish. What a happy babe.

Once in a while she plays with the mulch and tries to eat it...this is pretty normal. I think playing with the chunky mulch at the park is her favorite thing about going. I spied her at the birdfeeder with her hand full of something brown and she quickly toddled over to me making a horrible face...this was not mulch.

Yup she had a big mouthful of dog poop.

We ran inside and tried scooping it out with a paper towel but she wouldn't open her mouth eventhough she was obviously disturbed by the stubborn! Finally she spit out a huge wad of poo. Now it should be noted that I had to try VERY hard not to barf, VERY very hard.

I washed her hands and face with soap, made her drink like a whole sippy of water and brushed her teeth twice. I think I was definitely more grossed out than her, as long as I could smell the poo I was on the verge of barf-dom, so we washed and washed until the smell was gone.



Anonymous said...

So tessa finally is a potty mouth!

Stephany said...

That's hysterical!!! Everyone's gotta eat a little shit at somepoint in their life, she just got it done early - and literally!

Aunt Amy said...

soooo.....I see a $10,000 video here? You go girl!!

Adrienne & Alyssa said...

Hahahahah! Oh man. Allie has eaten her own shit THREE TIMES.

Nasty babies!