Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tessa Hated Art Time

Note to self....when a baby has a strong routine that includes doing only one activity in a high chair (eating), that may be the only activity she ever wants to do in said high chair. When she discovers that what she thought was her snack (paint brushes) actually taste like paint, she might thow a fit.

This was a short lived activity and I did most of the painting, but hey it was fun.

I think I had my first craving yesterday. I really really wanted lunchmeat. I started thinking about it at breakfast, a bagel with ham. I ended up getting a Subway Club for lunch. So I have a question. Pregnant women are supposed to cook their lunchmeat so they don't get lysteria. Does having the Subway people toast it count as enough cooking?

Tessa has started clearly saying "Rosie" which is sort of exciting. I thought I was just imagining it at first but you can definitely hear it and she says it directly to Rosie, not Hayden, and yes she does know the difference.

I didn't want to post this but Mom wanted me to know anything to make her happy. I'm a little famous in North Vernon, must be a slow news day: If only those two skinny chicks weren't there making me look bad.


Anonymous said...

Get yourself an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth for art time, coloring, etc. After awhile she will realize if she wants to do any of those activities she can only do it on the table cloth. This way your table does not get messed up and it gives her more space to be creative.

Stephany said...

I think you look beautiful in that picture! Don't compare yourself... if you're happy that's all that matters.

Sorry art time wasn't as fruitful as you had hoped!

brittanifryman said...

Your post made me laugh...I'm huge on schedules too! Cute little smock/apron she has on. I read the link...impressive...I vaguely remember Rebecca Amburgey (sp?) was she in your class? mine? younger/older? (you looked great by the way!