Monday, June 02, 2008


Either I'm way overly preparing or I'm just in the mood to shop (I think the latter)but I've been looking at baby stuff online and stuff for Tessa's room. The good news is we hardly need to buy anything, yay!

But I did just bid on Ebay on a Moby Wrap. I have a feeling this baby will be in a sling alot more often than Tessa was, so I can I have my hands free for the 2 year old! This thing is pretty can wear it like 10 different ways up until they are 35 lbs.

Jeremy and I are going to go shopping for twin beds sometime soon. If we can find a good priced twin bed and dresser we will buy the rails (or put it on the floor)and try that as Tessa approaches two. We figure a toddler bed will last for 6yrs but a twin will last through college....makes sense right?

I guess we'll just try putting her in the bed when the time comes and if it doesn't work we'll figure it out! It seems like everyone I've talked to agrees it depends on the kid.

Aside from the shopping and whatnot I don't feel pregnant, haha. I'm sure it will sink in one of these days (hopefully not the day I go to the hospital).

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Jacqueline said...

Good call on the twin bed ;). I think toddler beds are adorable, but just couldn't justify it! We're on day 3, and he has yet to get up at night. The first nap was a little rough, but he did fine today (must've been really tired). Yea! I was kinda stressing out about it.