Saturday, May 31, 2008

Decor Decisions

I said before that we were going to re-do the log cabin room to make it Tessa's, but Mom has got me half talked into leaving the log cabin and doing a country/cowgirl theme. We could get some country style patchwork quilts to hang on the wall and things like that. The idea is definitely growing on me. I think it could be really cute.

The log cabin is very well done which is part of what makes it so cool. We were never sure we were going to use it but never had the heart to paint over it either.
The nice thing is that it would be easy. The only thing that room would require would be a bed for Tessa, dresser (the closet got mutilated when they installed our new ducts) and curtains. And voila we would be done!

Here's the question of the day though, for all you vetran Moms. Tessa will be 22 months when baby 2 (yet to be given a cute nickname, suggestions welcome) is born. Will she be old enough at that age to move into a toddler bed?? We found one online for $75 and we're tempted to just snatch it up for later. It says it fits until 6 years old.

If she's not old enough that means of course we need to find a second crib. Our bassinet is pretty small so will only fit the new babe for a little while (Tess only fit in it until 3 months before she was too long). I just don't know much about 2 year they sleep in cribs or beds??

Thoughts? Opinions on a cowgirl room? Here's some pics of what it looks like. Excuse the crap, it's currently a storage room.


Stephany said...

first off love your mom's idea with a cowgirl country room, how cute could that be??

RE the bed - my friend Jacque here has two little girls the same age split that you'll have your two. They moved her into another room with a twin bed, that sits up high with drawers under it, it's set like a day bed so it's surrounded on 3 sides and then they put the bed bed thing on the open side - like those gates, they slide under the mattress and they are meshy so you can't fall out of the bed. They did that with Brian, my nephew too about that same age.

No purpose in buying two beds, just go for the twin bed.

Stephany said...

you know after looking at the pics. again you could also go with some of the boyd bears and such kinda like a country store thing.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I started to answer but it was really long. Hopefully things work out and we'll be able to get together on the 14th. Remind me and I'll tell you stories from friends! We moved Brady to a toddler bed when he was 32 months. He got out quite a bit the first week, but now he's fine. At grandma and grandpa's he sleeps in a twin bed, and he does fine there too. It used to be a bunk bed and sits really low to the ground. It depends on the kid, but everyone I've talked to agrees that it usually backfires when you push the issue. Jennifer Welker

Jacqueline said...

Weeeelllll... tonight is Z's first night in a twin bed, and he will be 22 months this week. I'll let you know how it goes! So far, so good... he's asleep and didn't get out of bed once... but we'll see how it goes once he realizes he CAN get out of bed! :) My niece went into a toddler bed at this age too, but went pretty quickly into a twin bed because her parents discovered she stayed in it better than the toddler bed; which is a major part of my reasoning for going directly to the twin w/ bedrails (I found a great double set at Target today that I bought to replace the one I already have). Plus, I don't have to buy a new bed in a few years this way. However, all kids are different, and $70-something for a toddler bed isn't bad at all! :) Two of my other friends also moved their kids to a bed just before 2 years, so I think it would be ok.

BTW, I like the country girl theme...

family update said...

I am so excited for you guys.
I love the cowgirl theme. That's what we did Leia's room up as.We found great bargins at Hobby Lobby. Most of the things I got were 50% off.
This might sound strange but I had Leia in a full size bed with bedrails about 1 1/2.She got out like twice the first night and after that she stayed in.She loves her big girl bed. That bed was always in her room b/c it was for company.(we live in a 2 bedroom house) Anyway we totally took the crib down the first night and told her it was time to make the switch. She was a great excape artist out of the crib and when she almost fell out after climbimg up onto the rails we switched.It was a shorter fall if she did decide to get out. The bed rails helped and she learned to slide down at the bottom of the bed instead of climbing over the rails.A little after 2yrs old we took the rails down o=for some reason ( company I think) and they just stayed off. You'd be suprised at how fast they learn the boundries of the bed.She's only fallen out twice and that was when she was like 4.
About the Todler bed ask Kelly about them. She had one for Ashley. I find them all the time at Yard sells for like 15 bucks or so. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a cowgirl room, you are a great decorator...can't wait to see it when it is done! RE: switching from a crib....with Will we tried it when he was two, (crib turned into a toddler daybed with no outside rail) that only lasted a week, because he kept falling out in the middle of the night. We changed it back into a crib and waited a month. We tried it again and Will and I practiced pretending to fall out and then getting back into bed. Worked like a charm. He never got out of bed in the middle of the night but just recently (age 3 in two weeks) he has started getting up at 7am and coming into bed with us until we get up at 7:30...not a big deal for us. I two think the twin bed is the way to go. Brittani Fryman

Anonymous said...


My work email is down, so please email me at home....

anyway, we moved Nicolas out at about the same age, and he was fine. We just bought a twin mattress and springs, and left ehm on the floor. That way it was really low incase he rolled out. However, with grace, we are going to leave her in longer because she is into EVERYTHING! It just depends on the personality I think. She should be fine.

i bet your mamaw would be able to help with the country theme!


Kelly said...

A stuffed bear rug would look cute over the fire place. Also we have a toddler bed you can borrow. It's cherry stained with rails. She'll be fine in one. You'll worry yourself sick the first couple of days,but more then likly she'll sleep straight through. Ashley was really excited about being in a big girl bed and she can ina pinch still sleepon it. Let me know if you want to borrow it.