Saturday, May 03, 2008

Garden Day!

While the big event in Indy today is the Mini-Marathon, Jeremy and I decided we were too busy working in the yard to run it. Otherwise we totally would have ;)

Did you know that Indiana has been moved from frost zone 5 to 6? Global warming! That means it's okay to plant our veggies today so that's what we've been doing. Now way back in the winter I suggested that we plant one grapevine for our 5th anniversary. You all know how Jeremy likes to latch onto an idea and blow it out proportion right?...well today he planted 8 grapevines.

Yes after all these years Jeremy finally has the start of his own vineyard. This project included the building of a whole new wing of garden. In the new wing we also planted asparagus and garlic bulbs. Seriously if our garden gets any bigger we may need to move to a farm.

a tiny grape bound for greatness...the start of Bennington Vineyard and Winery

It's hard to see but this is the new wing. Those freshly dug holes are the grapes. There's asparagus and garlic in the ground (that we planted in early March and are coming through!) and the containers are herbs.
It all started with our 6x7 ft box which you can see this year is very tomato and pepper focused. I know what I will be doing this summer...making spaghetti sauce! We will also put a couple of zuchinnis in there when we get them.

I didn't get a picture of Tess 'helping'. She sat (mostly) contently in her stroller and watched. She's pretty happy as long as there is stuff to look at. She's feeling alot better and thankfully has cut the dramatics at least some. Also she's been drinking a little more milk from her cup so here's hoping that she's starting to like it!

When I was rifling through my pics I realized I never posted one of the quilt that Janet made Tessa for her birthday. It's really really cool...very intricately done and beautiful colors. You can see it's a jungle theme to match Tessa's room!

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