Monday, May 12, 2008

More Firsts

Tessa had her very first happy meal today! We met her Aunt Becky and cousin Bob for lunch. They actually make happy meals with apples now so she had a cheeseburger and apple. She actually ate almost the whole burger. Jeremy just changed her diaper a while ago and asked that I not feed her McD's again, haha.

She also had her first major boo boo resulting in blood. She was carrying around a plastic tumbler with sorta sharp edge and fell on it and it cut her right between the eyes. All is well, a few minutes of drama and a bandaid with neosporin and it's all over.


Stephany said...

Laura I don't know who is upset about the boo boo - you or Tessa!

Ha! Bet MCD's does a number on the cloth diapers!

Anonymous said...

That mean old cup! I hope you threw it away!