Friday, May 30, 2008

Answers to All Your Questions

Wow what a fun couple of days!
My email inbox has been absolutely flooded so my apologies to those I didn't respond to.

So yes we're pregnant, no it's wasn't completely a surprise (we all know how these things happen right?), I'm 4wks along due February 4th. Tessa and the new babe will be 22 months apart. I'm feeling just fine, just a little tired. So far I don't have any other symptoms but we'll see what comes in the next few weeks. And no the name of the blog won't change to 'babies bennington', haha. We'll just leave it the same.

Exciting huh? It will be crazy to have two kids here. I can't quite wrap my brain around it actually. Our plan is to move Tess into the uninhabited 'log cabin room' and since our nursery is a uni-sex jungle theme the new babe will move in there! Sorry to all who love the log cabin room but it's going to be painted over and become a little girl room. Now we need to think of colors and stuff, ooh fun! If we can find a toddler bed for cheap (used) we will do that, if not we will get Tessa a twin bed...but moving into that is a ways down the road.

We are going to TRY to not find out the sex of this baby, but we said that last time too. I really mean it this time though, haha! I think it would be the ultimate surprise. I've already put some thought into training myself harder for natural childbirth, and maybe even getting a doula. But that too is a ways down the road!

And no we won't tell you names this time either, sorry :-)

In current Tessa news, tonight will be her very last time to nurse to sleep and then we are done. I think we are both ready, but I worry about her nighttime routine being all disturbed. I'm hoping a song and a little rocking will make her snoozy...we'll see!

So I only had a couple weeks of breastfeeding while pregnant (or 'duel fueling' as I like to call it) and I'm glad, it's quite a toll on the body. Although I'm not sure how smart it was to overlap the pain of drying milk with the symptoms of early pregnancy but here we are.

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