Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Online Addiction

Sometimes I think I need to get a life....then I remember that I do have a life. I just don't have any good tv shows on right now so internet has become my leisure activity. (I don't care about American Idol so sue me)

My new favorite thing is myspace karaoke. How awesome that I can finally karaoke in my own living room and record it. Yes! So this goes out to all of you faithful blog readers:

By the way Tessa finally ate some dog food yesterday. I normally lock her away from the dogs when they're eating but in the post- dinner craziness yesterday she managed to open the gate and share Rosie's dinner with her. Luckily Rosie is a friendly dog and didn't get snippy with her. When I found them Rosie was looking confused while Tessa had a cheekful of Iams. Now that she's developed a taste for it I need to be more careful at dinner time! I don't think Hayden would be so apt to share.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Laura, I too learned to enjoy the finer tastes of dog food and I think I turned out alright! :)

Nice to know that Rosie would share though....