Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm No Martha

Yesterday I baked three loaves of bread and two batches of cookies. For real. From scratch. I love Mom's response...with yeast and everything? Yup. They are both for our worship team meeting tonight at our house, and the leftovers are going up to the lake with us this weekend.

And basically my sumation is this. I love to cook, I like to host parties and clean and do all things domestic. But I hate baking. I just hate it, so sue me. I think it's all the ingredients everywhere and the big mess. I get easily confused.

I made a mistake since I had three batches of bread I mixed together the yeast for all three at once and Jeremy said it wasn't properly mixed because my loaves ranged from flat, medium, and fluffy. My hatred of baking being stated I AM going to try to bake our bread every week. We'll see how it goes.

Poor Tessa is all confused with weaning and her eating and sleeping schedule has been thrown off. We're still working out the kinks I guess. But we've had a few mealtime scenes like this:

And special for a Friday smile, here's a video of Tessa rocking out. She's staring at herself in the glass reflection of the wine fridge:

Surprise party pics coming soon to a blog near you. I just need to sit down and sort them out and upload.

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