Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Bob and Andy!

On Sunday we went down south to celebrate Andy and Bob's birthdays. Yes they have the same of them turned 30 and one of them turned 3! We had a great time and Tessa stuffed herself with mac and cheese and cake.

Enjoy pics!

Tessa with her great Mamaw- the original Betty

Andy and Mark

the birthday boys

Tessa got to sit on Bob's present- a tractor!

The birthday boy's favorite present- a giant box

Tessa was squealing at the cows and saying daw-dee (=doggy). Smart kid.

I'm happy to report that Tessa is finally into her whole milk. It took a week or two but she's drinking very well from her sippy cup. She's down to three feeding per day and next week it will be only twice (at 7am and 7pm). We're getting there!

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BrookZ said...

cute pics- tessa looks so big and grown up! love your jeans, where did you find them?