Thursday, May 01, 2008

We Won!

Remember several months ago when we were in the running for 'best trick' on video of Hayden rolling over?

Well I got an email today that we have in fact been voted 'best trick' by their website! They are mailing us a tshirt and two tennis balls for Hayden and Rosie (really exciting prize huh...I was hoping for cash).

I had totally forgotten about this but I guess we have recieved an unprecidented 744 votes! I think it's funny that our dogs won for a trick when they are really pretty stupid. Hayden's rolling is the only impressive thing that either of them can do.

In case you've forgotten, click here

It seems yesterday's meltdowns may in fact be an illness. Tessa has been running a fever since last night so we are swinging into the doctor this morning to see what's going on. Perhaps the drama wasn't all boob related after all, which is good to know!

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