Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the Throws

...of weaning.

We cut out her 9am feeding a week ago today but today was the first time we were actually home during that time and boy did she notice. I guess distraction of the grocery store, walk, church, etc is the best way to beat the weaning blues.

I've never really seen her have a tantrum like the one day. I gave her milk in a sippy and she threw it at me. I tried to put her down for a morning nap and she screamed herself to sleep. No yogurt tubes, no cookies...she wanted nothing except what was below the shirt.

So we compromised and I gave her her post-lunch feeding at 11am. She was so worn out from crying she fell asleep before lunch instead of after.

I was planning to cut out her 4pm feeding today but given the messed up schedule I think we'll just play it by ear.


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