Monday, April 07, 2008

Conner Prairie

On Saturday we joined Mom's class field trip to Conner Prairie, and it was a beautiful day. For those who don't know Conner Prairie is a a bunch of historical old homes where they have actors that pretend it is 1836. Mom's class goes there every year, and it's alot of fun.

You'll see we didn't have jackets on for part of the day, it's finally nice spring weather! Stroller aerobics has moved back outside which is great as well. It's not as much fun inside the cramped fitness room.

Tessa was flirting with all the 4th grade boys

Tessa with her Mamaw, Queen of Conner Prairie
Tessa wanted to show off her favorite new thing, her toothbrush. Earlier tonight she was fussin in her highchair while I was trying to clean up dinner, so I handed her her toothbrush with a little paste on it. That bought me like 20 minutes!

Also this weekend we went to the party store (and the giant junk store) in search of party stuff. After looking at all the options we settled on a rubber ducky theme, but tried not to go overboard. We just got tablecloths, plates, balloons, etc. I don't have any creative ideas on a ducky themed cake...hoping that our pastry inclined visitors can help

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BrookZ said...

Her bonnet is so fitting for Conner Prarie!! As for the cake you could get a cake frosted in white and then have them make the top part blue and write Happy Birthday on it- then place 2-3 rubber duckies on it...I have to think of some more ideas!