Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Have a Walker! (Video Now Added)

Yup it's true what everyone says. Once they get it, they get it!

Like I posted Tessa took a few steps yesterday. Then earlier this evening she walked back and forth between us in the office. We were fortunate to be able to video-cam all 3 sets of grandparents before she pooped out.

Then we went to band practice with Jeremy and she is obessesed with the steps leading up to the stage, so I kept setting her a few pews back and letting her walk the distance...and she did it over and over! Her incentive was definitely the steps, she loves to climb up them to the band. Wow!

She is all pooped out in bed but I will definitely get video up tomorrow!!

I just added this video this afternoon (4-3) of Tessa's first on-camera steps

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Great video. Mom was so happy to have seen it on the webcam. Watch out now, she's going to get into everything. Can't wait to see you guys!