Wednesday, April 09, 2008

To The Local Delivery Man

Dear FedEx and UPS delivery people,
While I am appreciative of the importance of your job and respectful of your methods and protocols, I must disagree with you on one matter.

If it is absolutely neccesary that you ring the doorbell and walk away upon delivery of a package to a given door, may I please request that you never do so between 1-3pm when babies eveywhere are napping. Especially if these household have guard dogs (or wiener dogs).

I would contend that you needent ring the doorbell in the first place if said package requires no signature and the purpose of your ring is alert the household to its arrival, but that's simply my opinion.

If you truly wish for satisfied customer, I would recommend not only a speedy delivery, but a quiet one.

Mothers Everywhere


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Please don't be one of those soccer moms. There IS other life going on out there. We just need to condition our children to it. The world can't be conditioned to our kids.

Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Shame on you, Amy. =0p

I <3 your blog. Have you considered a column in your local newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Ok this is one silly blog entry!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog entry!

The doorbell always rings when my son is napping also. It never fails. One year-olds still need 2 naps per day, and I know how it is to have your day ruined by a nap that is cut too short (as in 15 minutes into naptime). There's nothing more irritating to me right now than a solicitation at the door during naptime.

I will be putting up a sign requesting no one ring the doorbell very soon.