Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It seems like there's a first around here about every day. Speaking of 1st, sorry I didn't pull a April fools joke yesterday. I didn't realize it was April Fools until last night when Ryan Seacrest said the musicians were on strike and there would be no Idol...d'oh!!

-- Well the big news is that Tessa took her first unassisted steps. We counted four, and she did it once yesterday and once today...neither of which I was able to capture on camera. I'll keep trying! We've been practicing going back and forth between me and Jer, and she's gotten really great at walking holding only one hand. Stay tuned for footage.

-- We went to our first storytime at the library today! It was great. We are in the babies and books class for kids her age....and I only wish we would have known about this sooner. I thought storytime was only for older kids but in the baby class they blow bubbles, sing songs, play with puppets and yes there's a book or two. Best part?'s FREE! Tessa had a good time, so we will definitely go again. I was a little overwhelmed by the children's wing of our library, it's like the size of our whole house. Next time we will explore a little more.

--Tessa is now the proud owner of her first toothbrush. She loves putting in her mouth and cries when you take it away, so I guess that's a good sign. We had to buy baby toothpaste...apparently they are not supposed to have flouride before two or something. Who knew?

--Tessa's first birthday is coming up! Tomorrow we are going to the party store (The Flower Factory, aka the giant junk store) to pick out some plates and tablecloths and whatnot. The theme?...something cute that looks nice and is a good price :) Jeremy's sister and mom, both skillled cake makers, will be helping us make the cake so it should be pretty good. We're just doing a small shindig here at our house, nothing fancy. But Tessa does have a fancy dress of course!

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