Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Picture Overload: The Rest of Our CA trip...

....aside from just the food that Tessa enjoyed so much. We did eat alot but I weighed myself this morning and am only up 2lb so the world's not over. I just need to get back on the WW bandwagon big time!

Jeremy worked most of the time we were there but Mom and I did alot....

We went on an adventure that took us an hour or so south of SJ to find the grave of a woman her class had studied named Charlie Parkhurst. We didn't know where we were going which is what made it fun, and the cemetary was really cool. You should read about this chick, she was pretty awesome, the first woman to vote (while posing as a man)

We stopped by a bookstore on the way back to SJ and read a few stories as Tessa was getting bored in the car..

We also went to the San Jose Discovery Museum, where they have a whole area just for crawling babies. It was pretty darn cool, although the rest of the museum was a spring break madhouse. Below is Tessa hanging out with the story lady and exploring.

On the last day of our trip Jer got some time off to come up to San Francisco with us. We went to Fisherman's Warf before heading to dinner with Jer's step-brother Colin. You can see that Tessa is happy riding in the carrier with Dad, and fell asleep despite all the crazy noise around us.

And on the way home we stretched Tessa's legs at the airport. She hasn't flown since she was 9 months, and she was wearing me out on the plane....much more squirmy than she used to be!

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BrookZ said...

ahhh capris and sandals!!! come on spring!! and yes i agree our little babes are growing much too fast...makes me want more! :)