Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 Year Checkup

We had a busy morning visiting Tessa's doctor and going to the hospital to get her routine one year bloodwork. So she got 2 shots and blood drawn...poor girl. We did decide to get all routine vaccinations which I know some people find controversial. I trust our doc so decide to go with his recommendation on this issue, which was to get them all.

After the doc's we had to go to the hospital where they took two vials of her blood to test for lead and iron levels, which is also routine. She actually didn't cry too much at this, but was more mesmerized by the tube sticking out of her arm.

Here are her stats:
95%tile of height- 31 inches
50%tile of weight- 21.5 lbs
95%tile of head circumferance (don't remember the inches)
She remains tall and skinny with a giant head. It's amazing to me that she's still so skinny with all the food she eats, but I guess she walks it off. I should take note.

The doc avised me on weaning and we stopped by the store on the way home for her first jug of whole milk. He said to take it slow, not only for her to get used to the idea but also for her stomach to get used to cow's milk. So we will stick to the same plan of eliminating one feeding per week until they are gone.

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