Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Picture Overload!

What a great day we had. THANKS to everyone who came and partied with us. Tessa did really great but was super duper tired last night and today. She had the most amazing cake made by Jessica and Janet, and got all sorts of outside toys and clothes for summer!

The kitchen set actually came from her Auntie Jessica and she loves it, especially the phone.

Well I will let these pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!


BrookZ said...

wow laura you look great- love that shirt- where did you get it! tessa is just such a cutie. that kitchen is awesome!!! abbey's favorite toy is a cel phone and one of our old remote controls. we tried the leap frog cel phone and she wanted nothing to do with it, my sister in law found one at the dollar store that looks like a cel phone and she LOVES it. then she always wants our remote so we just got an old one of ours and gave it to her- she is happy as a lark with that! glad tessa had such a lovely day and sorry we missed it, but my office sure looks nice now!

Stephany said...

Oh what a wonderful first birthday party for the most adorable little girl in the world!

Laura- love the top you have on - where did you find it???