Thursday, April 10, 2008


I definitely had a huge "I can't believe my baby's all grown up" moment today. She bit me when she was nursing (on accident, she was falling asleep) and it hit me like a won't be too long before breastfeeding is done with, she's walking, she's almost one. Boo hoo. I got all teary then she charmed me with her laughing and babbling, so we moved on.

Anyway, here's some randomness

naked remote thief

Mr. and Mrs. Duck are back! They live in our backyard every spring.

I tried to capture Tessa dancing on video but it was hard. Here just a snipet of her rockin to the little song that her push car plays.


BrookZ said...

ok that naked picture is TOO stinkin cute- she will love for you to show that one off when she gets to be a teenager!!

Terri said...

You know your baby is all grown up when she has a baby of her own!