Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Skin So Soft

Well I've decided Tessa simply has sensitive skin.

The previously mentioned diaper rash was finally clearing up. Thanks for all the tips everyone! We had good luck with the Arbonne diaper rash cream (which is a zinc oxide formula just like butt paste, which is much cheaper!) but I now have many ideas to try thanks to my faithful readers!

It was finally clearing up until yesterday when Tessa had some carrot juice and bam it was back this morning with her wet diaper. Now it should be noted that I always dilute her juices- 1 part juice to 2 part water, but it still seems to cause a diaper rash everytime. I think the last diaper rash was brought on my diluted peach juice.

So I guess she just has sensitive skin and we'll have to watch the juices. It's too bad too cause she loved the carrot juice, which I was very happy about. Maybe in a few days we'll try again.

With all of the diaper rashes I have had to really hone the diaper washing skills. The cloth diapers can get a build up from detergents, etc that you have to be careful of. So every once in a while I run them though a 'stripping' process, where we basically wash them all day in the hottest setting using various mixes of vinegar, dawn and bleach followed by many cold rinses. We have been using a flushable rice paper liner which protects the cloth from buildup of the rash cream as well.

Totally off topic, but I got an air popcorn popper from Freecycle and love it. Why have I never tried one of these before? It's so easy and tasty. It makes me happy :)

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