Friday, April 25, 2008

New Snacks

Tessa seems to be doing well with our first few days of weaning. We have cut out her 9am feeding and subbed with whole milk. She likes the milk okay but doesn't drink much. She doesn't seem to fuss for nursing or anything though, so that's good. I think it's actually harder for me than her...I'm in a little pain but not much.

Our great little eater seems to be chowing a little more though and continues to eat anything and everything we give her. I'm so happy about that!

Here's a couple new things she likes. These dehydrated vegetables are so good and don't have a bunch of junk added to them...there's about a dozen different kinds. I got them at Whole Foods but you can order them online too:

The couple of times we've gone to Panera, Tess has gone crazy for this yogurt that comes in a tube. She can down the whole thing in like 15 seconds (of course we have to hold it for her or there would be a yogurt explosion). Well I found some at the store today!

Finally a note to cloth diaper Mama's out there...sunflower seeds, although they may be your child's favorite new snack can cause continuous problems with your dryer lint trap if unproperly digested. Proceed with caution :-)

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