Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally Long Enough Hair

Tessa finally has long enough hair that I can put small clips it it. I bought a pack of cheapy plastic barrettes today at the store. Yay! Finally I can play with her hair! Now I am in search of little bow clips.
We're down to one nursing per day, right before bed. Going 24 hrs has been harder on me than her. By the time about 20 hrs have gone by I'm having noticeable pain and can't wait until bedtime!

I've started drinking sage tea which is supposed to help dry up milk (sort the opposite affect of the 'mothers milk' tea). It's tasty so let's hope it works too! I have a cup of it going right now.

Thursday Jeremy is going to hang out with Tess for a few hours so I can go down to hospital for baby David's birth (schedule csection). I'm so excited! Today at Meijers I got Becky some things for a hospital goody bag. I won't say what in case she reads this, but it was fun. It brought back good memories of our hospital stay and how well we were treated there, especially by the awesome nurses in the NICU.

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