Monday, March 09, 2009

...and again

Two more pee pees in the potty today. Wahoo!

As if the girl weren't nakey often enough I decided to leave her mostly diaper-less the whole afternoon and she took care of business!

By the way, the "Elmo Potty Time" movie is hilarious. I know it's educational and all but I can't watch it with a straight face, especially when Elmo makes a poopy face.

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Stephany said...

you know that's how my mom potty trained us- she stayed home a week - left us nakey in the kitchen with our toys, gated us in, put the potty in there, and the first time it hit our leg and we freaked, we knew to go to the potty after that!

Find a clip of Elmos poopy face- I need to see it now!