Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Following my last post I've decided heck I can be crafty! We're having a Muppets themed party dangit...and we don't need that mass produced party decor anyway! Especially not in today's age of the internet and photo printers.

So tomorrow the kiddos and I are going to the party store. I figure now is a good time to find a multitude of green party supplies with St. Patty's coming up!

Becky was helping me think of cheesy snack ideas too...Rolph's puppy chow, frogs on a log, pond scum punch. I suggested Miss Piggy's pork rinds too ;)

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Anonymous said...

You know if you print a picture off the web of Kermit you could take it over to Marsh and they can transfer it onto a cake too! We did that with Tim once and had a cake with him skateboarding with Tony Hawk :)

Aunty Erin