Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Are We Too 'Vintage'?

Apparently so.
Tessa really likes Kermit and the Muppet movies ("froggy dance"), but when I looked into finding Kermit or Muppet party supplies for her birthday (yes it's coming up, wow!) they are impossible to find.

We are having a small little affair this year, mostly family. While last year's blowout was fun, we are hoping to scale it back a little this time, haha. So I'm just looking for some cups and plates, maybe party hats. Who knew it would be so hard. I guess kids today don't know Kermit, which makes me feel sad (and old).

I even looked on Ebay and the closest we can find are collector's items like these vintage invitations from 1978.

Backup plan is Elmo of course, which can be found anywhere and everywhere.

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phasejumper said...

You could make your own invitations from some clip art or a coloring page....same for hats, plates, I don't know... I'm having some trouble with the Toy Story, but not as much as you probably are. Stuffed kermit for centerpiece with some plain balloons and streamers... I look at, saw this for a cake idea but you can also use a football shaped pan with two cupcakes (or marshmallows) at the top for eyes. Push comes to showe, can always just do everything in green, it would be cheaper AND easier (no matter what Kermit says.)