Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Park and no Pics

What an awesome day. We had our regular Tues morning playdate with our friends from church this morning then this afternoon hauled it out to the park. It was like 70 degrees! It was our first time to the park since probably early November when it started getting too cold.

On the way there we swung by McD's so Mommy could get an ice cream cone (only 3 ww points) and Tessa could get a FREE kids cone. Did you know they did this? It's not on the menu but all you have to do is ask. It's about 2 inches tall and perfectly toddler size, although giving it to her in the car wasn't my brightest idea.

I put Charley in the Ergo carrier at the park and also later when we stopped by the health food store. He is snug as a bug in that thing and it is so easy for me to get on by myself.

All of these fun things happened today and I didn't have a camera. Sorry!

I'm also going to wait until I get Grampie's collection of pics before I post about the G's visit this past weekend. I have a feeling I may need to whip up a slideshow.

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