Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy 1 Month Charley!

Okay so we're a couple days late...but wow can you believe he's a month old? It doesn't seem possible but on the other hand it seems like forever ago that I was pregnant and he wasn't part of our family.

His one month old life is good. He likes to look around and is starting to gain control of his neck and head. He would nurse all day long if I let him but we shoot for every 3 hrs instead. He has baby acne but we try not to let him feel insecure about it.

Big sister likes him alot but we have to make sure she's careful, especially when he's in his swing. She wants to push him like we do at the park...a BAD idea. She still mostly calls him baby but she definitely knows who 'Carrry' is. She is also obsessed with him having a blankey at all times. If he is blankey free, she hunts one down for him.

We're mostly back to our normal activities...stroller aerobics, MOPS, library time. I haven't quite figured out how to grocery shop with both kids and still have room for food in the cart, so Jeremy goes with me on Sundays.

Over the weekend we dropped down to the farm for a visit and lunch at Mamaw's.

Becky and I took the kids for a long walk in the cold. We all got a big workout, woot! We went a little 'off road' and Tessa had a hard time with some of the terrain, so she occasionally got a lift.
After a big lunch and long walk Tessa was wiped. She crawled up on my lap, said 'night night' and went to sleep.

On the way down south we stopped by the outlet mall and I got a pair of Nikes and two pairs of Crocs for $50 total. Yay for bargain shopping and recession sales! I have to officially apologize to the years of making fun of people who wear Crocs, cause I'm now a believer. They are like walking on air, and I don't think I could have survived this pregnancy without my Croc mary janes. But I still won't wear the ones with the holes in them.

I'm still checking my blood sugar from time to time but overall am feeling alot better than last week. Maybe it really was nursing related after all. So I'm starting WW over again today, wish me luck! (again) I check back in with the doc next week to make sure my blood test results were all clear.

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phasejumper said...

His looks have changed! Still handsome, just more grown up. You guys have been busy!