Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What Aunties are Good For

From time to time the winter blues combined with mulitple dental procedures make a Mommy a little stir crazy. When we found out Jeremy's sister Jessica also had a case of the stir crazies, we brought her out for a week.

She's seriously the best Aunt in the world, and makes me call into question my own skills as an aunt. Setting the gold standard, she's making the rest of us look bad!

Of course she came to visit her brother, but also made for a good wine drinking buddy for me after the kids went to bed. We got a little silly sometimes.

She can quiet a fussy toddler

She makes a great face painting artist and canvas

I think somebody's trying to tell Jeremy to stop being grumpy. He did just start an exciting new job after all.

She makes a great tunnel playmate, because unlike Mommy and Daddy, Aunt Jessie can actually FIT in the tunnel!

She loved accompanying us to dance class. Following the one spectator rule, Charley and I stayed in the lobby. See his little head peaking in?

She accompanied us to the Children's Museum where we dressed up as dinosaurs, dug for fossils and took a quick tour of the Barbie exhibit before it closed. Tessa also got her very first Barbie at the gift shop.

Of course she's great to go out to eat with, since she's a chef. We went out for Italian where Tessa enjoyed mass quantities of spaghetti and clam linguine. Charley gobbled his fair share too.

On Tessa's preschool day, Jessie, Charley and I did a tour of Indy and stopped by two of my favorite places, Silver in the City and Barclona tapas restaurant. An awesome store and an awesome lunch, Mommy got spoiled!

She taught Tessa all about the value of loving her little brother.

She accompanied us to North Vernon where we hung out with the fam and ate some great Mamaw food.

She makes a great snuggle pillow

Both kids had ice cream but you can see Charley couldn't quite get over the temperature thing. Tessa ate his, her own helping of cream and cake and asked for more. That's my girl.

Hopped up on sugar, Tessa sold us 'tickets' to her dance show and spun around like a maniac.

Lastly, Aunties are great helpers during bathtime.

It sure was nice to have an extra set of hands and some fun company. A bright spot in our winter doldrums.


TLS said...

I agree!!

Aunt Jessie said...

Can I add this to my resume because you are a heck of a reccomendation! Love you guys to pieces!