Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Safety Talk with Tessa

I'm starting to think I need to keep a notebook in the kitchen and write down Tessa-isms and then just do a weekly post. She cracks us up daily without even trying. What a funny kid.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to write down isms from the whole family, since we're a bunch of nuts. One I remember from Jeremy recently....'if I'd have known we were going to skip church I would have made more bacon'

Anyway, we took a nice long walk (outside!) today and as always I let Tessa out of the stroller once we got back around to our street. She likes to run down the sidewalk, which is fine as long as she stays close. Today, I practiced some driveway safety with her. We stopped at every driveway and looked for cars before crossing it. She got the hang after a couple.

So this is our recap conversation at dinner:
--did you have fun walking?
--and what do we do when we come to a road or driveway
--look for car
--yes, STOP and look for cars (we practice looking side to side)..and if we see no cars?
--well yeah, run or walk only if there's no cars, and if we see cars?
--if we see cars moving we stop and wait
--and we get in my car??
--uh, no we were walking
--Tessa's in her car?
--oh, if someone were walking behind US and saw our car, what would they do?
--get inside, we're going to school!!
--to see MISS CINDY!

Every conversation comes back to Miss Cindy, Tessa's preschool teacher. I swear she's obsessed.

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Stephany said...

Jeremy - best baconism ever!!!