Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi Daddy!

Tessa really understands when Jer is travelling nowadays. I tell her that he left on the big plane is gone to work. She's used to it and just awaits his triumphant return.

She's started doing the cutest thing though, all on her own. She'll see planes flying in the sky and point up and say "there he is, HI DADDY!!!!" and wave.

We went on an hour long walk today and she saw Daddy three times.


Stephanie said...

Tessa and Jack have more in commen than I thought. Everytime Jack sees a plane, he says "Daddy flies airplanes, hi daddy" and waves to the sky. He also frequently decides that he wants to fly and packs his suitcase and says, "Go to airport to fly daddy's plane". He will sometimes INSIST that we bring his suitcase when we leave the house. Sometimes I feel bad, but mostly I think that its cute. How many other 2 year olds fly monthly and understand the concept of flying. (I also love it when we actually are traveling and Jack understands security procedure better than 40 year olds!) haha

Jeremy said...

Maybe I should have been a pilot?