Monday, January 02, 2012

Bowling In The New Year

Every NYE, my parents go bowling. We used to do it when I was a kid, and now they take all the grandkids. I'm not really sure why, as none of us (with the exception of possibly my brother and his boys) ever go bowling. Only on New Years Eve. Perhaps it's some sort of good luck superstition like eating black eyed peas?

Either way, we went and had a great time. I am hands down the world's worst bowler. Six year old Bob got a better score than me. I'm not sure, maybe Charley did too. But given that I only gave up my air cast a couple of weeks ago, I'm just happy I could do it!

Check out the tiny bowling shoes, size 7. 

Charley needed a bowling mentor so he chose Bob. Together they made a pretty good team. 

Like her Mom, Tessa has her own style as well. She flops the ball then drops to her knees and prays it makes it. Also note her cheerleading costume, complete with accompanying pom poms. She insisted on wearing them to cheer everyone one. 

Tessa's favorite part was the grape soda the bowling alley, while Charley gave everyone New Years hugs. 

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