Friday, January 06, 2012

Playmobil Scatter Patterns

For Christmas Tessa got a big Playmobile airplane from Mom-mom and Pop. She also got a helicopter from us. Apparently her dolls needed an air fleet.

Ever since we got it, Jeremy's favorite new past time is flying the plane.

....And then crashing it. Since it's playmobil, which is meant to be taken apart ala Legos, it's okay if it breaks up upon impact. But I guess the crash scenes have been a little too realistic for Jer since last night he said to me 'Does that airplane ever freak you out? You know because the carnage is so realistic?' Uh, no....

Jeremy's obsession with plane crashes and listening to black box recordings is one of his stranger hobbies, especially given his extensive travel schedule. Apparently knowing the ins and outs of plane travels and his odds of survival are important to him. Personally, I'd rather be oblivious and watch the in-flight entertainment. 

The real question is...why is a little Japanese girl heading up the rescue effort?

And WHY is this lady STILL smiling?!

Jeremy wanted me to show a picture of this crash site as well, because it has a more realistic scatter pattern. Yup, very realistic...especially the big green talking dinosaur and tractor nearby.