Saturday, January 14, 2012

Real Life Angry Birds

We just discovered Angry Birds when Jessie was here over Christmas. I know...the rest of the world knew about it long ago. That's kind of the way we work. We latch onto trends and shows once everyone else is over it.

Angry Birds is so much fun! And I like that the kids can play it too. For the first year or more that I had my iPad they were not allowed to touch it at all, but I think now they are to an age where I can trust them (although Charley has deleted apps because it's pretty easy to do). Charley knows how to find the game, choose a level and shoot the birds.

His other favorite thing to do with the iPad is watch the e-book "A Monster at the End of This Book". You know, the one by Grover? It's super cute cause it's interactive and he pretty much has the story memorized.

Anyway, when we saw some Angry Birds toys at Target today, I couldn't help but have a live reenactment. I mean the pigs were all stacked up, just waiting to be knocked down! We did this for like 20 min. Luckily nobody kicked us out or anything.

And no, we didn't buy any. They were $20 each! Instead we'll just do this every time we go to Target.

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