Friday, January 06, 2012

Coach Charley

This afternoon was unseasonably warm for January in Indiana. Upper 50's...what?! So I took the kids for a walk around our neighborhood. Yes I can walk around the neighborhood!

As soon as we got outside Charley announced that he was in charge and we were to follow him. Then we walked and for at least 15 minutes of the walk he bossed and coached like a drill sergeant. It sounded something like...

"We walking NOW, wet's go. Walk walk, wet's walk. C'mon! I Chardey. I in charge. Now, MARCH. March NOW! Wet's go, walk walk. To the twee! C'mon c'mon. Stop talking, c'mon! Foldow ME! I in charge. MARCH!".

I'm telling ya this kid is getting bossier every day.

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