Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Fun- Snow vs. Bouncers

Yesterday we finally had real snow on the ground for the first time all winter. I don't know what's going on with this crazy warm weather. Global warming?

Anyway, the kids and I had nothing planned so I had hopes of playing for hours outside. I bought new sleds at Miejer earlier in the week (historically we have used the tops of rubbermaid tubs or cardboard), and I had the snow gear all out and ready to go for morning.

"Preparing to go outside in the wintertime in Indiana is like preparing for extended deep sea diving." Name that movie!

Anyway, we got outside and Charley wasn't into at all. After like two minutes we was screaming and crying. He wanted to go inside and watch tv. Being the meanie I am I told him no, he must stay outside and play.

Tessa played and sledded down the driveway to deliver mail to the box. She was content for probably 30 minutes before she declared herself to be cold

Charley just stood in the garage and cried. Then we went inside, where he drank two big mugs of hot chocolate and went back to playing with his helicopter. Sigh.

Then today, Jeremy and I took the kids to a local place called "Bounce Spot". It used to be called Bouncer Town, which I think rolls of the tongue a little easier, so I'm just going to call it that.

Bouncer Town is an old store that's been coverted into an arcade that's also filled with giant bouncy houses of all shapes and sizes. The kids were in heaven. Jeremy was in germ purgatory.

Since Charley is so young it was only $7.50 for all of us to get in for unlimited play. I think that's a pretty good deal. Sadly for us, you can't jump if you're over 5ft.

They jumped for almost 2 hours. When we left it was mid afternoon and starting to get super duper crowded. Like a kid might get trampled kind of crowded. I think I'll take the kids there on a week day sometime when we have cabin fever, in hopes of beating some crowds.

We played arcade games a little too. I told Jeremy he might not realize how freakishly good I am a ski ball. Then I turned around and saw this....
He didn't know how freakisly good I am at physics.

So Tessa got a new toy fish from our arcade winnings, and Charley got a pack of M&Ms (we offered him a toy dinosaur but it's obvious where his priorities are).

In the end, it seems bouncing in a crowded warm arcade won out over sledding in the freezing cold snow. Wimps.


Carrie said...

LOVE IT! As we are experiencing Snowmagedan and my kids are out every single day for at least 2 hours. We have to experience snow when we get it! Hope you had fun bouncing.... and how many tickets was that!

Jersey Mama said...

Is the quote from "A Christmas Story"? When the mom is getting Randy into his snowsuit and miles of scarf?

Amazing bouncy place!