Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Cookie Project Recipe #22- An Unexpected Family Favorite

I wasn't even going to mention the cookies I made the other day, but Jeremy has designated them my second best recipe, right be hind the dark chocolate onyx cookies. Really? I guess I thought they were pretty unremarkable until I noticed Charley starting to regularly beg for them ten times a day as well.

Well, it started when I saw these on clearance sale at Target....

So I simply followed a chocolate chip cookie recipe and subbed in the these dark chocolate and mint chips. That's it.

I asked Jeremy if we wanted me to go back to Target and clear them out. I could freeze bags of chips by the pile. He said no, that while he liked them it was dangerous for his waistline. But it's good to know what recipes everyone likes the most. You know in case I have some apologizing or brown nosing to do.

I happen to disagree with him and think that Grammie's Lemon Poppy Seed cookies were the best recipe. I need to make those again someday, just to remind him of how heavenly they were. 

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phasejumper said...

Sounds good! BTW, I found the Christmas card I had written out for you behind our desk in the office! So sorry, hope you didn't feel snubbed!