Tuesday, November 11, 2008

28 wk Checkup

This morning Tessa got to play at our friend Marcie's house while I went to my 28 wk OB appointment. I chose not to take her with me because I knew it would be a long appointment.

Today was the fun appointment when you get to drink the nasty sugar water and do a glucose tolerance test. I've done these before when I was tested for hypoglycemia and of course when I was pregnant with Tessa, but it's still not fun. The sugar gives me a major buzz and makes me kinda sick.

They are checking of course for gestational diabetes, which I'm not worried about given my history with low (instead of high) blood sugar. I had to wait an hour for the blood test which was nice cause to just chill with my Twilight book (actually I'm on the 4th one!)

The rest of the appointment was simple:
-- good baby heartrate in the 140's
-- good Mommy bp of 108/70
-- and Mommy is STILL gaining weight even though I've tried to be alot healthier this month. I've gained 30 lbs so far so I'm really really hoping to only gain about 10 more. Ugh. Right now I'm at the weight was at the end of my pregnancy with Tessa, with 12 wks left to go. Poop on that. I have weight watcher plans again for my future.

And now I start doing appointments every two weeks, rotating through all six doctors in the practice. Hard to believe we are to that point already!

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Mommypants said...

Congrats on a good dr visit!