Monday, November 10, 2008

Thinking Christmas

Well it's time to start shopping or thinking about it I guess. I swear November is flying by, probably because I lost a couple days in a drug induced state. I'm getting ready to order Tessa's present from Step 2 (which sells American made toys, did you know?).

We're hoping to start a tradition of getting her (and Peanut) one major present from Mommy and Daddy and a stocking filled by Santa. I also like how Andy and Becky give their boys new pjs to open on Christmas Eve and wear to bed.

This will be Tessa's present for this year, a two sided art easel that she can draw chalk on and do magnets. The magnet side also comes with dry erase markers but I'm thinking we will wait until she's a little older to whip those out. But you can also clip paper on it for crayon drawing. Cool eh?...and hopefully a long lasting unisex present for our house.

I've been wondering about how she will react to the tree this year, and my friend Traci gave me a great idea. We have a small table top size tree that can be Tessa's, decorated with soft ornaments . She can take them off and on and do whatever she wants, it's all hers. The big tree however is a no no and she won't be allowed to mess with the lights and ornaments without getting in trouble. We'll see how that goes.... a novel idea anyway!

In case anyone needs specs on Tessa's sizes for Christmas, she is wearing 18 months and probably will through the winter, 24 months for spring. (I dressed her in 24 month outfit yesterday and it practically fell off). She likes books or anything with animals, Elmo and things that fit together like puzzles.

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phasejumper said...

I really like the one big present plus a stocking idea. I think it will keep some of the materialism out of the holiday. I wish I could do that, but buying things is my his "one big present" for his birthday was a swingset! The little tree is a FABULOUS idea! We have a little people nativity set that is open to play with for the kids too.