Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home and Ready to Nest

If you're wondering where we have been we just got home from our week long Thanksgiving trip to Colorado. We were there visiting Jeremy's parents, enjoying some good food and sharing Tessa's cuteness with everyone. We had a great time and are all tired tonight but glad to be home. Since the doc cuts off my air travel at 32 weeks I am done until who knows when, all ready for Christmas and nesting in the winter to come!

Once I collect all of our pics from CO, I'll put together a little slide show but for now here are the highlights...Tessa prefers broccoli, fruit salad and dinner rolls to anything else on the turkey day menu. Not only did she remember Grammie and Grampie's dog Annie, she woke up most mornings standing in her crib calling for her. Playing with dirt and rocks is even more fun in CO, especially the exploding cattails. And all grandparents can turn into blubbering fools when there's a baby bathing in their kitchen sink, which is awesome.

And I realize there's a story from our trip that many of you are interested to hear although I find it a little too embarrassing to share. Let's just say pregnant women can get easily dehydrated in the mountains, and yes an impacted bowel can feel very similar to contractions, and no one shouldn't be ashamed for visiting the Boulder hospital because of it. The end.

Yesterday we hit 'black Friday' but no we're not crazy...we did it online! Old Navy had 50% off alot of clothes and free shipping so we bought Tessa several pairs of new jeans and jammies as well as some stuff for us. We also found a website that had a good deal and free shipping on the double stroller we wanted...score!

We've put some research into what double stroller would be best for our needs (easy to travel with, durable for stroller aerobics, etc) and landed on the Maclaren twin techno. The seats can recline all the way so the new babe can lay down while Tessa sits up. This is the only 'gear' we've had to buy, although I'm also salivating over an Ergo carrier. But compared to all the junk we had to buy last time...this baby has so far been alot easier and cheaper!

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Courtney said...

I think you'll really love that stroller and the kids will love being side by side!