Monday, November 17, 2008

Place Your Bets

Per Becky's request for a 'vegas style' baby pool like last's time to place your bets on the sex, size and arrival date of Peanut! I wish they had a spot where you could guess what it's name will be also, that would be fun. I'll give you a's not Ben or Penny.

So people are always asking me questions in order to guess the sex. I've tried to include the answers to the most common questions I get, but let me know if there's anything important I've left out that is important to your decision making.
spicy bloody mary mix, mexican food, cheese and icy cold beverages
baby's heartrate:
at last appt was in the 140's
my skin:
is clear and not broken out (but could perhaps be do to my new skincare regime?)
definitely more nausea this time and super strong gag reflex which has caused me to choke on my pills and throwup three times!
food aversions:
in the beginning, not now, to anything that was super strong like garlic and onions (it's a wonder Jer didn't kick me out)
I would call it wide across and high right now, and actually sorta pointy from a side view. I would provide a pic but don't have a recent enough one nor anyone to take one at the moment. I'll try to post one soon.

disclaimer: I won't mention any names but to those who figured out they could cheat the system and win the pool by entering in all the correct data after the birth and before I had a chance to close the game (cause I was busy)....that's just not nice :-)

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Anonymous said...

All bets are off! The only bet I have is that the birthday party will be in January - you will not make it to February.......