Thursday, November 20, 2008

Helping Mommy

Since Mommy is all big and fat with a new baby inside I try to help out all the time. This is how I help Mommy with laundry.

First I steal the hamper from the laundry room and fill it will all of my play food from my kitchen.

Then I climb into the hamper and pull it all out again and disperse it all over the floor. Then later Mommy makes me help her pick things up that she can't reach. I'm good at reaching things on the floor, that's why I try to put as much stuff on the floor as possible
Later I help Mommy stuff my clean diapers. If I'm not sure where to put the insert I just put it on my head. The same rule applies for playing with Mommy's clean undies and socks. If in doubt, put it on your head.

It's fun to be a good helper! ~ Tessa

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Stephany said...

Tessa you are a great helper, and yes you're right, putting your mommy's undies and your diapers on your head is the right place for them. boys will like that especially when you're older!