Thursday, November 06, 2008

Animal Sounds

Well it's not a perfect performance but still pretty cute. This was our fourth attempt at a video so she was getting tired of me asking her for animal noises. In the first videos she pooped her pants and threw a fit over dropping her spoon. You can sorta hear her snore when I ask her to 'pretend to snooze'...sometimes she will lay her head on her tray and snore, so cute!

And look what we got at Target for only $5...a leftover Halloween costume to play dress up with! It's a 3T and really big on her so should last a while. I also scored her a Christmas dress for $12.99 and a matching sweater.

We love Target. I'd say about 50% of her wardrobe is from Old Navy (bi-annual baby sales!), 40% from Target and 10% from assorted other sources/gifts. Without Target, I'd be naked half the time too.


Anonymous said...

more than photos I got video! Yippppeeee
Super cute thanks.

phasejumper said...

Target is the best!